Different people interpret the term well-being in different manner. The most hurting and severe or sensitive health disorder is mental disorder. If you have a healthy mind then all is well with you but if mental sickness becomes a permanent part of one’s life it really can cause many other failures for one.

Health as we know is the complete and proper functioning of the body, spirit and mind in a harmony and true wealth is having a sound body and sound mind. If body get hurt or unwell due to any reason it recovers soon when compared to mental sickness.

Means that the matter of mind and mental health is really sensitive. Only a sound and healthy mind can let you enjoy your life to the fullest and reach your actual destination or goal.

“Healthy life is having a healthy mind” is a well-known proverb. One simply can’t enjoy a healthy life if he/she is sick mentally. Good mental health helps you enjoy the life and deal with day to day problems/issues. It actually gives you a feeling of well-being and strength.


If you are feeling unwell or sick mentally then don’t worry at all as all you need is a proper care and treatment. A great number of world’s population have got ADHD without even knowing it or diagnosed. They don’t realize that they have ADHD symptoms or they may don’t want it to be open about it because people suffering from mental sickness become a laughing stock in the society, this is probably the reason that issues related to health like these have become taboos in societies like ours.

But ADHD is not as severe as it’s considered and it’s curable. Many adults don’t even realize that they have this order which shows that it’s not that serious. But mental health and well-being is as essential as breathing. You just need to find a good doctor and that’s all. Let us here discuss about prominent symptoms of ADHD briefly:

  • Short attention span
  • Hyperactivity
  • Recklessness
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty in performing different tasks.
  • Time blindness
  • Constant fidgeting
  • Excessive physical movement
  • Inability to sit still
  • Acting childish
  • Interruption in conversation.

Being easily distracted and lack of focus really need your attention because hyperfocus is a hurdle in your way to achievement and success. ADHD doesn’t disappear but symptoms may become less obvious with the passage of time. But timely treatment can save you from severe disorder.

Here is a list of medications that are used to treat this mental disorder or ADHD:

  1. Methylphenidate
  2. Dexamphetamine
  3. Lisdexamfetamine
  4. Atomoxetine
  5. Guanfacine


It’s a central nervous system stimulant that effects on brain and nerves which help in dealing with hyperactivity and impulsiveness. It is used against ADHD, narcolepsy and ADD (attention deficit disorder).

Methylphenidate is equally beneficial for adults and children dealing with difficulty focusing, over actions and remaining still and quiet. It’s also sold under brand name Ritalin.

This medication gives you temporary feelings of euphoria and relaxation. It’s an approved drug for both anxiety and ADHD.


Dexamphetamine is used as a treatment against attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This medication comes in different forms and strengths and effect or result actually depends on which form or strength you are taking.

ADHD diagnose can be a complicated & sensitive process as it’s all about your nervous system. As far as this particular medication is concerned it doesn’t cause drowsiness or dizziness but it may cause other negative side effects which may include decreased appetite, fast heartbeat, stomach disorder, weight loss etc. Always use these kind of medicines after prescription.


Lisdexamfetamine is used as a part of the plan to treat ADHD. It’s a substitute of dexamphetamine. It’s typically used to cure attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but it can also be used to treat severe eating disorders in adults.

It increases norepinephrine and dopamine levels in central nervous system by altering the balance of chemicals in brain. Previous mentioned substances effects pleasure and naturally occurring happiness. So by working inside brain lisdexamfetamine treats ADHD symptoms amazingly.


Strattera the brand name of atomoxetine is the most commonly used medication against ADHD in medical settings across the world. It can also be combined with other stimulants to increase the functioning of nervous system in a proper way.

Atomoxetine is available as oral medicine and recommended only to patients who are at least 6 years old. It’s not classified under stimulants but treats ADHD.

Atomoxetine may cause following side effects when used against directions:

  • Constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite


Tenex the brand name of guanficine is a medication used as treatment for ADHD but it is less preferred. It usually don’t leave any kind of side effects on patients except feeling sadness or tiredness.

It may take almost 6-8 weeks to show prominent results if and only when one uses it according to directions of the doctor.


ADHD is not as easy to deal with as mostly people think.

“No food can harm you the way an unhealthy mind does.” Mental sickness is not a normal problem as indicated by the word abnormal itself.

Here are the instructions that you should always keep in mind before taking ADHD medicines:

  1. Take when prescribed only.
  2. Never use these medicines on your own.
  3. Never order your medicines to pharmacies you are not familiar with.
  4. Read instructions written on the package carefully.
  5. Follow instructions given by your doctor.
  6. Prolonged use may cause serious side effects.
  7. If you stop using these medicines suddenly it may cause withdrawal symptoms.
  8. Long term use may be habit forming.
  9. Keep out of the reach of children.