There are some drugs out there that are known as Wonder Drugs. These drugs are named as such because of the different wonders that can be performed by this single pill.

If we do not add Advil to the list of the wonder drugs then it wouldn’t really be fair with Advil. Advil falls under the category of NSAID (Non-steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug) and is useful in a wide number of ways.

In this article, we will have a look at how Advil works, what are the different kinds of usages it has, what are the indications that it can work in. We will also have a look at its Dosage and how it can give maximum results. We will also have a look at the different precautionary measures that are needed to be taken care of while using Advil.


Advil is useful in a wide array of diseases. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Pain
  2. Arthritis
  3. Migraine
  4. Fever
  5. Bone pain
  6. Headache

Now you must be aware of the reason that we call it a wonder drug and the reason is clear that it can be effectively used in different situations.

However, one thing must be kept in mind and that is although Advil works quite well in these indications but still the way it is used is different for different indications and hence these things must be kept in mind before taking Advil.


Advil is one of the over the counter painkillers that has been the drug of choice for a lot of doctors across the globe and the faith of the patient also lies with this drug.

The Dosage however must always be decided by the doctor who has prescribed it or the pharmacist who is giving it to you.

This can either be taken with or without food. If you do not have any issues with your stomach, then you can take it with water and if you are having some issues in your stomach then you can take it with Milk as well.

For normal pain conditions, Advil can start working as soon as it is taken perhaps but if you are having a long term pain then it might take a week or two of regular medication before you start to feel any positive change in your body in response to the medicine.

For the best results of Advil, it is a must that you should be able to get firsthand knowledge of the disease and it must be diagnosed right at the start and in that case Advil is very much effective.

Precautionary Measures to Take

  1. Never use it without guidance from a pharmacist or your doctor.
  2. Always be vary of the quantity of Dosage especially if kids are in taking it.
  3. Always follow the instructions that are given on the pack.
  4. Never overdose yourself.
  5. Never try to be a doctor yourself and follow instructions strictly.