Modern era is all about dealing with a lot of stress and tension at all times. Life is surely running at the speed of a formula one race car because everyone wants to be the best and surpass the rest who are running the race.

Due to the extra efforts put in by the people, it is now a fact that a lot of people now suffer from Migraine.

There are certain reasons due to which migraine is caused.

1- Stress.

2- Bad Eating Habits

3- Insomnia

These are few of the reasons for Migraine.

However, until 2018, Migraine was an Enigma. Everyone was just so nervous about having this disease because there wasn’t any proper medication of migraine till 2018 and the ones that were recommended at that time had serious repercussions.

However, in 2018 FDA approved Aimovig which worked as a messiah for all the patients of migraine.


Along with Aimovig comes an Auto Injector that is used to inject your body with the drug. Aimovig can be used for all types of migraines, even the chronic one.

It belongs to the Calcitonin Gene related Peptide (CGRP) group of medicine and researches have shown that the people who have used Aimovig as a cure for migraine show much better results than the people using other medications.

In some cases this difference was more than 50%.


The dosage of Aimovig is measured in a time period of a month. It might be recommended to use 70 Mg to 140 Mg depending upon the condition of the patient and clinical experience of the doctor regarding Migraine.

The Dosage should always be left to the doctor to decide and one should never be one’s own doctor and follow the instructions of the doctor at all costs no matter what.

Side Effects:

There are some side effects of Aimovig that must be discussed and can be avoided too with care.

The side effects are generally in a mild nature but sometimes things can get a bit out of hand as well and become very much tough for the patient.

Some of the side effects that can be caused are as under.

  1. Redness of the area that is injected.
  2. Skin Allergy.
  3. It can even cause you to gain or lose weight.
  4. It can even cause Constipation.
  5. Loss of appetite can be caused as well.

These are some of the side effects that can be caused by Aimovig.

Precautionary Measures To Take:

  1. Never use this medicine without the prescription of a registered medical practitioner.
  2. Never overdose yourself.
  3. Always look for the guidelines that are present on the packing of Aimovig.
  4. Always check the expiry date.
  5. Do not use it along with other medicines of migraine as well. It can cause serious incompatibility.