The excretory system in human beings is responsible for very important functions including the urination and disposal of faces. However, just at the junction of the human excretory system and reproductive system, there is a small organ under the bladder that is known as Prostate. This organ is only specific to Men. The urethra passes through this specific gland and when the semen passes through this gland on ejaculation, the prostate passes out a fluid that protects and helps the semen to nourish in a much better way.

Although this gland performs a very important function in the body of men, at the same time, it is a very delicate and sensitive gland as well. It is highly prone to be swollen up.

Now, we will have a look at the different symptoms that might give the indication that the prostate of a man is swollen.

  1. Weak stream of urine.
  2. Pain while urinating.
  3. Urinating more frequently.
  4. The pressure of urine increases so much in the bladder that it might even wake you up from sleep at night.

However, the good news for men is that this problem of Enlarged Prostate which is also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) can easily be cured with the help and usage of Alfuzosin.

How to Use Alfuzosin And How It Works

Alfuzosin is mostly available in the form of tablets and it belongs to the group of medicines that is named as Alpha Blockers. It does not decrease the swelling of the prostate, rather it relaxes the muscles that are around that area and hence calms the gland down and it results in better condition of the indications that are being shown.

The dosage that is recommended by your doctor must be followed as he will prescribe you the medicine after checking the condition of your health. However, the general recommendation of the doctors is to take this medicine once a day.

There are some things to be kept in mind while you are taking Alfuzosin.

  1. Use it with food. It will give better results.
  2. Do not use it without food as it might not be as effective if it is taken without food.
  3. You can take the medicine either by water or Milk.

Side Effects

There are certain side effects of Alfuzosin that must be kept in mind and must be tried to avoid as well. These side effects are as under.

  1. Sudden lowering of blood pressure.
  2. Dizziness.
  3. Fainting.
  4. Allergy.

So these things must be kept in mind before using Alfuzosin.

Precautionary Measures To Take

  1. Do not use Alfuzosin to treat High Blood Pressure.
  2. If you are someone who suffers from low blood pressure then you should discuss it with your doctor if he prescribes you Alfuzosin to treat your Enlarged Prostate.
  3. Do not hold back your urine and let go whenever you feel like that you need to do urination.
  4. Always follow the instructions of your doctor regarding the usage and Dosage of Alfuzosin.
  5. Never overdose yourself thinking that it will help you to gain better health.