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Human heart performs the most important function for our body and that is to transport the blood from one part of the body to another which helps with the proper functioning of the body. As we know that the heart is always working and pumping even when we are sleeping and most of the organs […]


Cholesterol is one of those double edged swords that are produced by our own body. It is a fat like substance and it is actually necessary for the proper functioning of the human body if it is found in a limited capacity. The level of cholesterol is more than the required levels then this could […]


Microorganisms are those organisms that cannot be seen by a naked eye and it requires a microscope to see those organisms. These organisms are of different types. Bacteria Viruses Protozoa There are a number of diseases that are caused by a number of different microorganisms and there is a specific group of medicines that can […]


Modern times have surely improved the living standard of human beings. There are a number of facilities that are available now which could only be dreamt about in the past. However, with the advent of science and technology there is always a competition between every single human being to be the best and everyone is […]


If there is a person who is suffering from some kind of discomfort in some part of his body then that is called Pain. There can be a number of reasons for pain and there can be different kinds of pain as well. First of all we will have a look at the most common […]


Whatever we do in life, we do it to have comfort in our life. If somehow that comfort is compromised because of some kind of an issue to our body then that is surely not on. There can be certain different types of reasons for this discomfort and in simple words it is called pain. […]


It’s common or normal to have muscle spasm. Spasm is a knot, hard feeling or tightness in muscles. But is it normal to have regular muscle spasm? Muscle spasm or muscle cramps is a condition where muscles feel ache and disturbed. Usual muscle ache is certainly unbearable as it makes you feel tired and unwell. […]


B vitamins are an essential part of our body as they play a key role in normal functioning of building blocks of a healthy and sound body. Vitamins especially B vitamins directly impact our metabolism, brain function and energy level. Moreover, vitamins promote growth of blood cells in the body. This article deals with Vitamin […]


Depression is a common but serious health disorder that affects your feelings and thinking negatively. In simple terms, it’s a mood disorder that can cause other ailments such as sadness, anxiety and loss of interest etc. There are countless factors that contribute to developing this medical illness. Several medicines are available that claim to decrease […]


Essential nutrients that body needs for normal growth and development include: Vitamins Minerals Lack of vitamins can prove an obstacle in proper functioning of body tissues. Vitamins play a vital role in performing various functions in the body as they help shore up bones, strengthen the immune system and heal wounds. Moreover, vitamins change our […]