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Do you know about seizures or epilepsy? If you are here to look out for a medication that may help you treat seizures then you must be aware of this certain condition and if not, let us explain it to you. A seizure is a health disorder that causes a sudden change in behavior or […]


Simple form of sugar derived from corn is called dextrose which is closely identical with glucose or blood sugar you may say. As this particular article is about this dextrose, we must know if dextrose is a medication? If yes, what it treats? Is it useful for health or not? Before moving on let’s first […]


Being physically unwell is another thing and being unfit or unhealthy mentally is something else and it can prove devastating undoubtedly. Human brain as we all know is the command center of the body. If your brain is well and healthy? Don’t need to get worried at all as all is well with you. Actual […]


Occasional or common cough isn’t the sign of any horrible or deadly disease, but frequent coughing is definitely the sign or signal towards something serious or fatal you may say. It can be much more than just irritating your throat because a permanent or frequent cough leads to lung disorder and even tuberculosis or other […]


Allergic reactions depending on the substance involved can affect your health badly including your nasal passages, digestive system and skin etc. Are you fed up with using several antiallergic medicines or drugs which don’t even work for you? Get relaxed as we have something amazing for you which will give magical results. Before moving on […]


Being a diabetic isn’t safe because diabetes is a disease that we may say is the root cause of many other horrible diseases which usually lead to death. Though it can be managed effectively and easily when caught early, in other cases you may have to face severe and deadly results. Diabetes may cause: cardiovascular […]


Though very common, depression is the most serious ailment or medical condition that affects negatively on how you think about something or how you feel about particular happenings and incidents. Depression has no particular reason and it is caused by a basic trigger made up of several reasons and happenings. A number of unpleasant life […]


Human body is a masterpiece of nature. It is such a complex machine that studies have been undergoing for ages now but still no one has really conquered it completely. There are a number of processes that are going on in the human body that are absolutely essential for the sustainability of human life. There […]


Human Brain is known as the central processing unit of the body. Everything that goes on in the body is somehow associated with the Brain and if something is wrong with the brain, the body is surely going to suffer a lot. There has been a lot of changes in the lifestyles of human beings […]


Human body is a complex machine as we know. There are a number of functions that are happening simultaneously in the body and if there is a malfunction in one of them then it disturbs the complete routine of the body and it becomes very hard for the person to sustain a normal life. One […]