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Claritin is one of those medicines that can perform the function of a wonder drug and can fight against a number of diseases at once. Claritin can fight against following conditions. Itchiness. Runny nose. Hay fever symptoms. Sneezing. Cough Skin Rashes Skin Hives This makes Claritin a multi tasking drug. The question arises , what […]


With the rising pressure to succeed, each passing day has surely become a challenge for individuals that want to be something special in the world. There are a number of challenges that people are facing these days and it is really hard for everyone to cope up with these challenges. Some of the challenges that […]


There are a few diseases that are deemed as normal diseases and not a lot of people take them seriously. For example if someone is suffering from flu or slight cough, there is every chance that the person will just take it lightly because under normal circumstances, such diseases are not considered to be Fatal […]


There’s an arterial condition in which the blood vessels do not allow proper blood flow. Characterised by mild pain or numbness in the legs when the patient is moving or exercising, the condition is known as intermittent claudication. Cilostazol is a primary treatment option for intermittent claudication. Classified as a platelet aggregation inhibitor, Cilostazol helps […]


The tiny little microorganisms which cannot even be seen by naked eye can cause great turbulence in the life of a human being. One might say that human beings are the most complex living organisms and how come some tiny little organism can cause even the slightest of trouble for them. The answer to this […]


Infectious diseases can affect large chunks of world population. With a degrading quality of life and declining health conditions, the omnipotent bacteria can easily cause diseases. To cure such diseases, we have medicines that are known as antibiotics. Among this class of medicines, one is called Clarithromycin that is sold under the brand name Biaxin. […]


There are a number of diseases from which human beings can suffer and there can be several different reasons for those diseases. Some of the diseases may be caused by viruses and some of them could be the result of pathogenic bacteria’s. However, most of the diseases that are caused are usually caused by these […]

Clobetasol Topical

Our skin protects our body from a number or viruses and bacteria that our body is exposed to daily. It also protects us from sun rays or ultraviolet rays. Healthy skin is no less than a Healthy skin is no less than a blessing in modern age where almost every second person is having some […]


What is a seizure? Is it a mild ailment or some horrible disease that can cause even death? Well death from seizure or epilepsy is rare and the disease more common in young and old age. A seizure or epilepsy is an electrical sudden disturbance in the brain. Seizures have many symptoms such as unusual […]


Unique microorganisms called bacteria have a variety of beneficial functions to perform in the body. Though some bacteria are good for the human body, many of them may prove harmful to the body. Bacterial infections may cause cholera, dysentery, pneumonia, bubonic plague, typhoid and tuberculosis (TB) etc. In short, bacterial infections play a key role […]