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A joint in our body is a place where the two bones meet. The joint can be of different types as well and different kinds of joints perform several different functions. One of the basic functions of joints is the proper and smooth movement. If there is some issue with the joints then the movements […]


Blood circulation is a very important process of our body and it is essential for the proper functioning of the body. For the proper flow of blood in the body, it is necessary that the blood doesn’t have any clots and the blood is thin enough to circulate through the body. If there are clots […]


There are certain conditions that affect our body in a way that they can cause discomfort to our body and such a condition is often called pain. The pain can be of different kinds and may affect the different parts of the body. It may have an effect on the muscles or it may have […]


There are so many tasks that we have to perform every day for living a successful life. All of these actions require a great amount of attention and without proper attention we cannot even perform the easiest of tasks. There are some tasks which are quite easy like driving a car or going out to […]


Whenever we have to put some weight behind the importance of something, we say that it is the heart of something. This is how much important is our heart for the proper functioning of our body. Heart although performs very important and the toughest job for our body but it is still a delicate organ […]


Fast-paced lifestyle causes stress that can lead to serious diseases such as cardiac ailments. There are different drugs to cure and prevent cardiac issues, one of those is Clopidogrel. The drug blocks platelets from sticking together and causing thrombosis in people who have gone through a recent heart attack or severe chest pain (angina). In […]


Fungi can be good as well as bed. They are present in the environment naturally,  but some fungi may cause an infection on human skin. They infect a part of the skin, which the immune system cannot combat easily. For such fungal infections, there is a variety of topical medicines available in the market. One […]


Human heart performs the most important function for our body and that is to transport the blood from one part of the body to another which helps with the proper functioning of the body. As we know that the heart is always working and pumping even when we are sleeping and most of the organs […]


Cholesterol is one of those double edged swords that are produced by our own body. It is a fat like substance and it is actually necessary for the proper functioning of the human body if it is found in a limited capacity. The level of cholesterol is more than the required levels then this could […]


Microorganisms are those organisms that cannot be seen by a naked eye and it requires a microscope to see those organisms. These organisms are of different types. Bacteria Viruses Protozoa There are a number of diseases that are caused by a number of different microorganisms and there is a specific group of medicines that can […]