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How dangerous is Diabetes

INTRODUCTION OF THE DISEASE Diabetes is a disease that is associated with the blood of human beings. It takes place  when the blood glucose or also known as blood sugar in the patient is too high and it can be deadly dangerous for the patient. Blood glucose is actually the main source of energy for […]

Chronic pain as Disease State

Generally defined, chronic pain is any pain that persists longer than three months. As a result of an injury, the pain receptors on the site of injury send pain signals to the brain in the form of current. These signals subside when the injury is treated or start healing. However, in the condition of chronic […]

All you need to know about HIV/AIDS

IMMUNE SYSTEM OF HUMAN BODY There is a police force setup in our body by mother nature and the role of that police force is done by the immune system of our body and that helps to protect the body from the foreign particles that can cause diseases to the human body. This immune system […]


IMPORTANCE OF SKIN The skin covers the external surface of the body and is the largest organ of the body in both surface area and weight. In adults, the skin covers an area of about 2 square meters and weighs 4.5–5 kg that is about 16% of total body weight. However, the skin consists of two […]

One should Know about his MENTAL HEALTH

MENTAL HEALTH In this modern day and age of this world that is just like a cauldron of capitalism. Every single person in this world is living their lives as if they are running in a marathon and they need to be the first one to get across the line and they think that they […]

Liver Diseases You Should Know About:

Liver Diseases Among the many significant organs of the human body, one is the Liver. It is responsible for removing toxins from the body and helps with producing bile juices that are crucial in digestion. This protein factory of our body also breaks down nutrients to produce instant energy. In addition to all this, it […]


IMPORTANCE OF NUTRITION : Human body is just like one of the miracles of mother nature. It is a fantastic system that is made by almighty and is used to carry out numerous types of functions and procedures at the same time. Just like a machine needs constant fueling to carry out the functions properly […]


COLD It is also named as common cold and it is quite a common disease and people usually suffer from it during winter seasons. There can be several different reasons for catching the common cold. This is however a Viral Disease and hence it can be transferred from a person to another person. This is […]


HOW IT ALL STARTED The start of year 2020 took the world by extreme shock. It just acted as an atom bomb attack to the world and it affected everyone on the individual level in a way or the other. Everything was going like business as usual and everyone was busy in their lives until […]


Cancer is one of the severest diseases and there is no cure for it but many treatments are given to cancer patients that may help in curing them but the results are not always satisfactory. Many patients suffering from cancer die even after treatment and a number of treated ones die because of some other […]