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Human body is made up of almost 70% of water. This means that fluids are very much important for the growth and sustainability of the human body. Without even a shadow of doubt, water is the most important fluid that is taken in the body and it works wonders for the different processes that take […]


Our body is a complex combination of several different organs that work in harmony and help us with the performance of several important functions of the human body. Human heart is often called the most important organ of our body. There are certain processes that are carried out by this pumping organ and one of […]


You can either agree or disagree with it if you want to but one thing is for sure that having the ability to have great sex drive and sexual power in bed is surely the top priority of every normal man who wants to enjoy his life. Given the society we live in, it can […]


Our brain is considered as the central processing unit of our body. It is considered to control the different functions of our body and that takes place by the secretions of different substances. There are neurons in our body that also play a major role in that. Certain substances such as Dopamine are also very […]


Our brain is the Central Processing Unit of our body. Just like the CPU is considered to be the powerhouse of the body and is the main hold of the computer, similarly our brain is also the most vital organ of our body. Our brain is what manages everything. As we know that there are […]


Our body is a complex combination of several different systems and it requires a wide variety of minerals albeit in different forms and amounts to carry out different functions properly. One of such very important minerals that is required by our body is Calcium. As we know that our bones are directly made up of […]


Our bones carry out the bulk of our weight and do the hardest job of giving support to our body while putting themselves under pressure. There are over two hundred bones in our body that come in different forms and sizes and are used to perform several different types of functions. These bones are made […]


This article is all about medicine that helps reduce chest tightness or shortness of breath. FORMOTEROL: FORMOTEROL is an oral inhalation medicine. The medicine is used to curb chest stiffness or shortness of breath which is affected due to severe obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). FORMOTEROL is considered in the category of medicines known as long-acting […]


Bacterial infections have become very common in every part of the world. Bacterial infections are caused by different reasons but the critical cause of bacterial infections is the increase of pollution in our environment. This article is all about medicine that can help treat bacterial infections BACTRIM DS: BACTRIM DS is a mixture of antibiotics […]


This article is all about medicine that helps to reverse an opioid overdose. OPIOID OVERDOSE: Opioid overdose can lead to death due to the impacts of the opioid on the brain of the individual.  An opioid overdose can be recognized by the amalgamation of three signs. Pupils that remain small even in bright light An […]