Any deviation from the normal health condition of our body might cause an uncomfortable feeling in the body and that is known as Pain.

The pain can be of several different types. It might be muscle pain, it might be pain in the joints, it might be bone pain. It might even be caused by Spasms or some kind of injury to Spinal cord as well.

So, if someone is suffering from any kind of pain, especially the pain due to spasm and Pain in the spinal cord, then Baclofen is made for them for sure.

It helps to relax the muscles and the feeling of pain is subdued. Hence with the usage of Baclofen, we can fight the demons of the pain more efficiently.

How Is It Used

One should never start a self-treatment with medicine like these and should always consult your doctor before taking this medicine or starting a course with it. However, the process of taking this medicine is quite plain and simple. You can take this medicine via mouth with or without food. This medicine can be taken either with water or milk.


The dosage of this medicine will be recommended by your doctor after assessing your current health condition and he is the one who is entitled to give you the recommendation of a dosage but the highly recommended and the the most recommended Dosage across the world by registered medical practitioners is three times a day. It is also recommended to use it for long periods of time to get better results. However, one should never start a self treatment and set a dosage for one self according to their own thinking. There is a reason that the government has given doctors the license to practice their trade and such decisions should always stick with doctors.

Side Effects Of Baclofen

There are not many usually occurring side effects of Baclofen and 80 % of the people do not have to go through any of these side effects and they just get the relief by using medicine without facing any side effects.

However, there should be knowledge of these side effects and at first sight of such symptoms, what you need to do is to contact your doctor as soon as possible and let him know about the condition that you are facing.

Some of the side effects are as under.

  1. It can cause Nausea.
  2. It can cause headache and weakness of muscles as well.
  3. Sometimes, it can cause skin rashes as well and Antibiotics are required to be used to treat them.
  4. It can make you dizzy.
  5. It can make you sleepy and drowsy at the same time.

Precautionary Measures To Take

  1. Do not overdose or under dose yourself.
  2. Follow the instructions of the doctor or pharmacist at all costs and never try to be a doctor yourself.
  3. Always look out for the several interactions it can make and avoid using incompatible drugs at the same time.
  4. Avoid using Alcohol or Marijuana when you are taking Baclofen.