As we know that there are different kinds of microorganisms out there that can cause different types of diseases to human beings.

They can either be viruses, bacteria or fungal infections and different types of drugs are used to treat these different types of infections. It can either be the usage of Anti-viral medication, Anti-Fungal medication or Antibiotics as well.

Bactrim is one of those Antibiotics that can help you fight against these disease causing bacteria. However, it is only useful in a certain types of infections such as :

  1. Infections of the UTI
  2. Infections of the Middle Ear
  3. Infections Of Respiratory tract
  4. Infections of intestinal Tract.
  5. It also helps to fight against a specific type of pneumonia.

How Is It Made?

This medication is actually a combination of two antibiotics that are sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. They both combine together to form a strong sword that helps to deal with the raging bacteria that causes an infection.


The dosage of such a medicine will always be decided by your doctor after having a close look at your current medical condition and then a step would be taken by the doctor. However, the generally recommended Dosage is about 2 to 3 times a day with a full glass of water or milk.

It is highly advised as well to take this medicine daily at evenly spaced times and also to take it for a longer period of time even after the symptoms of the disease are gone but still the medication should be kept going to avoid any kind of relapse.

Side Effects

There are a number of side effects that can be associated with the use of Bactrim.

  1. If enough water is not taken while you are on this medication then it can really harm the health of your kidneys and even kidney stones can be produced.
  2. It can cause you to have loss of appetite and if that is the case with you then it is highly suggested you contact your doctor as soon as possible and let him know about your current medical condition.
  3. It can cause you to have Nausea as well as severe headaches.
  4. In certain conditions there are more complicated situations seen as well such as Bactrim badly affecting the health of liver or lungs of the user.
  5. It can cause Drowsiness and dizziness and hence it can cause the person to lose their focus as well.

Precautionary Measures To Take

  1. Do not overdose or under dose yourself and always follow the advice that is given by your doctor.
  2. If you are allergic to the components of this medicine then you should let it know to your doctor beforehand.
  3. Drink lots and lots of water and keep yourself as hydrated as possible if you want to avoid complications related to your kidneys.
  4. This medicine is useful only in a limited number of infections and hence it should only be used in them and not taken unnecessarily to deal with all kinds of bacterial infections.