Skin is the largest organ of the human body and as we know that it is exposed to the outer environment and hence it is most susceptible to getting more infections and injuries.

These infections can be of different types.

They can be Fungal Infections that are caused by certain types of Fungus. For the treatment of infections caused by Fungus, we can use Anti Fungal medicines or creams.

They can be viral infections that are caused by certain diseases causing viruses. To cure these infections, Antiviral medicines can be used.

However, as we know that there are a number of bacteria that are beneficial to human beings but there are some bacteria as well that are harmful to our bodies and if such bacteria attack your skin to cause some kind of an infection then Antibiotics are required to fight against these Bacteria.

Bactroban is one of those Antibiotics and it comes in the form of a topical. A topical is such a type of medicine that only should be applied to the skin of a person and should not be used elsewhere.

It is most effective in skin infections like Impetigo.

How To Use Bactroban?

It is quite easy to use but some things should be kept in mind before using it.

1- It should only be applied to the affected area and not spilled all over the place.

2- The area should be dried with a swab or tissue paper and it should not have any kind of dirt on it.

3- Bactroban is only made to apply on skin and hence it should be only applied to skin.

4- FTU ( Finger Tip Unit ) should be applied on the affected area.

5- It should not be mixed with other antibiotic topicals.

How Does It Work?

The principle behind the working of Bactroban is quite simple as it cures the patient by simply stopping the growth of bacteria. As the bacteria stops growing so slowly but surely the person is cured from the infection that he is suffering from.

Side Effects Of Bactroban

Although there aren’t a lot of side effects of Bactroban usually but in some cases there can be some side effects and hence special attention needs to be paid to them.

It happens sometimes that it may cause another type of infection to the skin that is fungal in nature and that can surely be the worst case scenario for the patient. In that case, all you need to do is to contact your doctor as soon as possible and get a checkup or treatment.

In some other cases it can even cause a type of diarrhea and that can really be harmful.

Precautionary Measures To Take While Using Bactroban

  1. Avoid it from your eyes.
  2. Clean the area properly.
  3. Do not mix it with any other antibiotic or cream.
  4. Use it according to the advice of a registered medical practitioner.