There are different kinds of medicines out there. Some are just simple pills that you can intake with the help of water or milk. Then there are some medications that need to be injected into the body in the form of injections.

There are suspensions as well that can be mixed with certain liquids and then used.

However, there is a type of medicine that is quite interesting and effective as well and that is the film type of medicine. This medicine consists of a film that needs to be placed in the mouth and it will dissolve by itself and doesn’t need any other thing to make it work.

How Is It Used?

To understand in a better way how to use this medicine, all you need to do is to study the leaflet that comes along with it and it will really help you for sure.

All you need to do is to place it in your mouth and it will just start to do its job for what it is created. However, you need to be extra careful while using this medicine to stop any kind of mishap.

Before using belbuca you need to rinse your mouth with water or use your tongue to wet the inside of your cheek. Use the tip of a dry finger to place one film inside your mouth with the yellow side facing against one cheek. Press and hold the film in place for 5 seconds, then remove your finger. The film should stay in place on its own after this. Leave it in place until it is dissolved.

How Does It Work?

Belbuca belongs to the Opioid category of medicines and that means that it works on the principle of sending out signals to the brain that help the patient not to feel the pain and immediate relief is obtained by the patient.

When you place Belbuca in your mouth and after dissolving it starts to send out signals to the brain and the feeling of pain is greatly reduced.

Precautionary Measures To Take While Using Belbuca

  1. Do not forget to rinse your mouth before using it.
  2. Wait until it dissolves to eat or drink something.
  3. If your doctor advises you to take 2 films at one time then don’t place them over each other rather place them differently.
  4. Do not swallow the films and let them dissolve slowly.
  5. Be aware of the Dizziness and avoid driving or drinking Alcohol.
  6. Do not use it as a recreational drug.
  7. Always take this medicine on prescription of your doctor.
  8. Never overdose yourself otherwise it could even be fatal.

Side Effects Of Using Belbuca

As we know now that Belbuca belongs to the Opioid category of medicines hence it has some certain side effects as well.

  1. It may cause Dizziness
  2. It may cause loss of breath in some occasions as well
  3. Withdrawal symptoms can be seen as well sometimes so it is always advisable to leave the usage of this drug slowly.