Biotin is one of the most famous supplements and it is specifically very much useful for hair growth or the health of your Nails as well.

Having smooth, strong and shiny hair is the dream of every boy and girl without a doubt and Biotin actually helps to achieve that goal and hence we see a lot of pills, tablets and shampoos containing Biotin to improve the health of your Hair.

Benefits Of Biotin

As we know that there are some essential Vitamins for our body your body needs them for sure to function properly.

Biotin is one of those essential vitamins and it is very important to consume to maintain healthy Hair and Nails. Biotin helps to break down the food we eat into energy and hence it is very much important.

Taking a biotin supplement is likely effective for treating biotin deficiency that can otherwise cause quite a lot of damage.

However, there are some false claims attached to biotin shampoos and lotions like they help the hair to grow faster and fully. There isn’t enough research to support this claim.

However, Biotin deficiency can actually cause thinning of Hair and hence it is important to use Biotin as a supplement or vitamin. We can obtain Biotin from certain foods as well.

Benefits Of Using Biotin

  1. Curing of Brittle finger
  2. Curing of diabetes
  3. Curing of muscular sclerosis
  4. Helps With Health of Hair and Nails

Dosage of biotin :

There are always some dosages that are suggested to us but it is always recommended to use the Dosage as suggested by your doctor.

Although there is no recommended dietary allowance for biotin, proponents often recommend taking 2 to 5 mg (2000 to 5000 mcg) of biotin in supplement form daily in order to strengthen hair shafts and achieve results.

Precautionary Measures To Take :

  • Never use it without the prescription of your doctor.
  • Never overdose
  • Always store in cold and dry place
  • Keep it away from kids.
  • Always follow the instructions of your doctor

Side Effects

  • It can cause skin rashes.
  • Digestive upset.
  • Kidney problems
  • Rise in sugar level

Biotin Deficiency :

There can be certain reasons for biotin deficiency and the major reason is lack of a balanced diet and it can surely hinder the production of Biotin.

However, if you add Biotin-rich products to your diet then this deficiency can be removed.