We all love to take a big meal whenever we are at a family gathering or enjoying our cheat meal after a week of strict dieting.

It happens with everyone and it surely is totally alright to do it every once in a while. However, the problem arises when the problems like Heartburn, Nausea or even diarrhea takes place.

These diseases are although not really fatal but they are for sure very much discomforting. They can literally make you just want to lie on the bed and don’t allow you to do anything as you linger along in pain.

For these diseases there is a drug that is known as Bismuth subsalicylate. It can help to treat these medical issues and then you can enjoy some good health.

Moreover, it has also been seen that when people travel from one place to another after completing a long journey, they often suffer from a disease which is known as the Traveller’s Diarrhea.

Bismuth subsalicylate can prove very much helpful in that case as well.

In this article, now we will have a look at the different important aspects of this medicine.

How Is It Taken?

This medicine might come in two forms.

It can either be in the form of tablets that are actually chewable tablets and that need to be chewed well before you swallow them.

This medicine can also come in liquid form as well. However, if you are taking this medicine in the liquid form then you should keep in mind to use a  measuring flask that can help you with the right amount of dosage so that you do not overdose or under dose yourself.


This medicine is one of the most prescribed medicine for heartburn, nausea and different types of diarrhea but it is still highly recommended that you do not use this medicine without prescription or on your own judgment.

The doctor always decides the Dosage of a medicine after having a good look at the health of the patient as well as the medical history of the patient as well.

If you do not use this medicine properly or overdose yourself then it can cause serious complications that can be very hard to recover from later on.

Side Effects Of Bismuth Subsalicylate

There are not a lot of side effects of this medicine. However if you do not use it properly or if you are Allergic to it in some way then it may cause some side effects about which we will now discuss.

  1. The stool of the person might become dark because of using this medicine.
  2. The tongue in some cases also turns a bit black.
  3. Although, it is a very rare occasion but it may even cause bleeding in the intestine which can create a lot of complications.

Precautionary Measures To Take

  1. Always chew the tablets properly before you swallow them.
  2. Use a measuring flask/spoon if you are using its liquid form.
  3. Keep it in a cold and safe place.
  4. Do not overdose yourself.