Human skeleton is perhaps the most important part of the body. It gives the body its shape and allows it to do all the functions that human beings do.

If you are able to even lift one kilogram of weight off the ground then it is because you have been blessed by a skeleton system by the Almighty.

The human skeleton actually consists of bones. Bones are connective tissues that fuse together and they also are made up of calcium and phosphate. It is the bones that give structure to our body and gives the shape that we have as a human being.

There are different kinds of bones present in our body that are used to perform different functions.

At times however, especially with the process of aging and getting older the bones start to suffer. They bear the responsibility of bearing the weight of human beings for all their lives and during the later stages of life they might suffer from a condition that is known as Osteoporosis.

It is even known as the softening of the bones. The bones in this disease become very weak and vulnerable. Even a minor injury or bump into something can cause a fracture. This is surely one of the most dangerous diseases for bones after Bone cancer.

However, Boniva can help to fight against Osteoporosis in a very efficient way.

How Does It Work?

Boniva belongs to a category of drugs that is known as Bisphosphonates. This medication works effectively in osteoporosis as it helps to reduce the loss of bones and also gives more energy to the bones to help them stay stronger and fight with aging. This also brings down the chances of getting fractures as well.

How Is It Taken And What Is The Dosage And Precautions

There is a serious process that needs to be followed before you can take this medicine.

First of all this medicine is most of the times recommended only once a month. It is advised to take this medicine for several months as it takes time to get rid of osteoporosis to the extent that the patient gets relief.

So, one should fix one day of every month to take this medicine. It can be the start of the month or the end of it. Whatever suits you might be selected.

When this medicine is to be taken, it should be taken At Least an hour before you eat anything. It should be taken without food and you need to drink a full glass of water after swallowing down this medicine.

It is always advisable and a good idea to drink two glasses of water just to be sure.

You also shouldn’t lie down immediately after taking this medicine. These are some of the things that need to be taken care of when you are about to use Boniva.

Side Effects Of Boniva

  1. It may cause stomach upset.
  2. It may even cause diarrhea.
  3. It may cause fatigue or muscle ache as well.