Stress has occupied a lot of space in our daily routines. As the world is changing every day, dealing with stress is not considered uncommon.

Stress has affected our lives adversely. If stress gets uncontrollable, it affects our other body’s parts too and our health deteriorates naturally.

 Due to the worsened health condition, our daily tasks and challenges are extremely affected. Stress is very common for triggering tension headaches. It increases with the passage of time and makes lives miserable by making individuals unable to follow active work routines.

One has to stay at home, ask for a leave from office and that’s how work is affected in adverse ways.

This article is all about the information of BUTALBITAL compound which helps to treat tension headaches.


BUTALBITAL is a barbiturate drug{a drug that works as a central nervous system (CNS) depressant}. BUTALBITAL compound is made of a combination of a BUTALBITAL with other medications such as Paracetamol.

 It is used for the treatments of severe headaches. It is clinically observed that BUTALBITAL containing compounds have shown good results in treating early migraines.


An individual can take this medicine after every 4 hours . Dosage also depends on the directions given by the practitioner.

 A person must not exceed the consumption of the medicine more than 6 tablets per day as overdosing can lead to complicated problems. Take this medicine with a glass filled with water unless your health care prescribes you otherwise.

After taking this medicine, do not lie down for a minimum of 10 minutes.

To resist any stomach upset, take this medicine with food or it can be taken with milk. It is suggested to use this medication as the first headache appears, do not wait until the headache worsens because once the headache is worsened the medication may not work.

If an individual suddenly stops using this medication, It may give some symptoms such as vomiting or nausea, mood swings or seizures.

To resist these symptoms, your health care may reduce your dose slowly. If you have been taking this medicine for a long period, must aware your practitioner of the dosages that you have been taking and also about the duration of the period.


Following are the common side effects that appear after taking BUTALBITAL compound medications.

An individual feels dizziness or drowsiness, lightheadedness.

An individual may feel a bit nauseated.

Intoxicated feelings or mood swings can also occur.

A slight diarrhea can also be expected.


The worst side effects that have been noticed in rare cases are the following.

A person gets abdominal pain.

Vomit happens after taking BUTALBITAL compounds.

Ineffective breathing is also a rare side effect.


This medication may cause addiction. Inform your doctor, if you have increased using this medicine.

If the headaches are increased and the medication does not work, consult the health care department immediately.

Your doctor may change the medicine to avoid addiction or add any other medication with this to avoid increasing headaches.