Today’s man is very powerful. His innovations have done wonders in the incumbent century and in the process of continuously innovating, he has become unstoppable.

Everyone is obsessed with the idea of working harder to gain more and earn more each day. However, it has affected today’s man adversely in a lot of ways.

Continuous working makes man sluggish to follow a healthy schedule. Lack of exercise, poor diet and insufficient intake of necessary vitamins has made him ill with life-threatening diseases.

Hypertension is also commonly called high blood pressure. It is a condition when the pressure of blood is continuously elevated in the arteries.

Although, it does not show any symptoms but it can lead to life-threatening situations such as kidney failure, heart attack. The most common cause of hypertension is an unhealthy lifestyle.

This article is all about a medicine called BYSTOLIC which reduces increased blood pressure. This medicine helps patients to live healthy lives. This medicine shows improvement in patients after a few weeks.


BYSTOLIC is considered in the class of drugs known as beta blockers. Beta-blockers help resist certain chemicals in our body that are produced naturally.

The chemicals that beta-blockers resist increases blood pressure. BYSTOLIC is used for the treatment of high blood pressures that are caused due to hypertension. Reducing blood pressures are requisite to resist heart attacks, kidney failures or strokes.


The dose of BYSTOLIC is given according to the incumbent condition of the individual. Most patients are instructed to take 5mg of BYSTOLIC once a day daily.


Bystolic can be taken with or without food. It is an oral medicine. Patients are asked to use the medicine according to the instructions given by the doctor.


Following are the common side effects:

A patient may feel tired, dizziness or fatigue after taking this medicine.

The nauseated feeling also occurs in few patients.

Diarrhea, stomach pain are also common symptoms.

Most patients also feel chills, cold hands or feet.

Slight shortness of breath can also happen.


The rare side effects of this medicine are the following.

In rare situations, individuals gain weight rapidly.

Severe shortness of breath occurs rarely in individuals.

In a few cases, individuals have irregular heartbeats.

If you feel light-headed like you will pass out then immediately call your doctor.

If any of these symptoms appear it is suggested to visit health care without wasting any time as it can lead to a life-threatening situation.


If you are pregnant or intending to become pregnant, tell your doctor about this, it is not confirmed if this medicine harms the fetus and can pass into the breast milk which can be proved harmful for the nursing baby. Inform your doctor about your current situation.

Keep your doctor updated, if you feel sick and blood pressure remains the same or it is increased.

Read instructions carefully prescribed in the prescription for the use of medicine. Do not stop using this medicine unless you are permitted to stop using it by a doctor.