Our body is a complex combination of several different systems and it requires a wide variety of minerals albeit in different forms and amounts to carry out different functions properly.

One of such very important minerals that is required by our body is Calcium.

As we know that our bones are directly made up of Calcium and hence a decent amount of calcium is required for their proper health.

The reason behind that is when there is a decrease in the amount of calcium in our body, then the body will start taking calcium out from the bones to fulfill its needs and this will result in weakening and softening of bones.

So, now we know that it is absolutely important for our body to absorb calcium in different forms to carry out the different functions properly.

Apart from maintaining a healthy set of bones, Calcium Carbonate may also help you out with different irregularities in the stomach.

As we know, the stomach is the place where most of the process of digestion takes place. Stomach is responsible for doing the bulk of the work and it is absolutely necessary that the stomach is in good shape and condition.

When there are issues with stomach like as the Acid Reflux or Heartburn or other such issues related to digestion, Calcium Carbonate can surely play a positive role in such conditions and help the patient to recover quickly.

So, now we know that Calcium Carbonate is essential to treat two kinds of issues.

  1. Issues related to our bones.
  2. Issues related to our Stomach.

In this article, we will now further discuss these points and also have a look at how Calcium Carbonate is used and what are the different things that must be kept in mind while using this medicine.

How Is It Used?

This medicine usually comes in three forms.

  1. Single Coated Pill.
  2. Chewable Pill.
  3. Liquid Form/Suspension Form.

If you are using the Single Coated Pill, then all you need to do is to engulf that medicine by using a glass of Water or Milk.

If you have been prescribed a chewable pill, then you need to chew down the medicine properly before you swallow down the medicine.

If it is the liquid form or the suspension form that has been chosen to be the best for you by your doctor then you should always measure the dosage before the intake into your body. This is how you will neither underdose yourself nor overdose.

Dosage :

The dosage of this medicine is decided by the doctor after having a look at your health condition and understanding the requirement of calcium in your body.

Side Effects

It may have the following Side Effects.

  1. It may cause Dizziness.
  2. It may cause Constipation.
  3. It may even cause Gas or Burping.
  4. Increased levels of Calcium in the body.

Precautionary Measures

  1. Always double check before using that you aren’t allergic to Calcium products.
  2. Don’t forget to drink lots of water while on this medication.
  3. If you have some issues with your kidney, then do let your doctor know about it.