Our body is a complex combination of several different organs that work in harmony and help us with the performance of several important functions of the human body.

Human heart is often called the most important organ of our body. There are certain processes that are carried out by this pumping organ and one of the most important processes is the supply of blood to the several parts of our body.

To carry out even the smallest of the processes of the human body, it is absolutely necessary that the blood is supplied to that part of the body. If the blood is not properly supplied to any part of the body then it will surely end up having a lot of complications.

Now, as we know that the heart needs to work continuously 24/7 for 365 days of a year for the sustained working of our body.

This puts immense pressure on the heart and it needs to be in supreme health all the time.

Heart often succumbs to the extreme pressure that it is put under and then conditions like Angina and Heart Attack are experienced by a person.

These conditions can prove deadly for sure but they are not untreatable. There is a medicine named as Cardizem which can work wonders in such conditions and can provide relief to the patient.

In this article, we will have a look at how Cardizem helps to fight against angina and other such heart conditions and what are the different precautionary measures that we need to take as well as the side effects of Cardizem will also be seen.

How Does It Work?

Cardizem helps to increase the flow of the blood. When the blood flow is increased, it automatically releases some of the pressure that the heart is put under. This helps the heart to work even more smoothly.

How Is It Used?

This medicine usually is an oral medicine and it comes in the form of a single coated pill.

It can be taken with or without food depending upon whatever you prefer.

Moreover, it is often advised to take this medicine with a glass of milk.

However, it should always be left to your doctor and you should follow his advice.


The dosage of this medicine depends upon the condition of your health.

The doctor might increase or decrease the dosage according to the condition of your health.

Moreover, the dosage should always be decided by a cardiologist and you should never try to become your own doctor.

Side Effects Of Cardizem

  1. It may cause Lightheadedness.
  2. It may cause dizziness and lack of focus.
  3. Constipation is also one of the major side effects of this medicine.
  4. Increased blood pressure.

Precautionary Measures To Take

  1. Always follow the instructions of your doctor regarding the usage and Dosage of Cardizem.
  2. Always tell your doctor if you have issues of hypertension as well.
  3. Never overdose yourself.