It is also named as common cold and it is quite a common disease and people usually suffer from it during winter seasons.

There can be several different reasons for catching the common cold. This is however a Viral Disease and hence it can be transferred from a person to another person.

This is basically a respiratory disease and it affects the throat, nose and sometimes even can cause headache and shivering of the body.

Common cold is usually treated by using Antibiotics or even home remedies like taking hot steam or something like that to cure it.

Common cold is usually a mild state and doesn’t really threaten your life to be honest.


This name FLU is derived from Influenza which is actually the real name of this disease.

It is a much worse state than cold and there can even be a threat of losing your life to it because of the difference complications that arise because of it.

The symptoms of Flu can either be a runny nose or shortness of breath. Headache, shivering of body and runny eyes are also some of the symptoms of this disease.

This can even cause fever and pain in the body along with a cloggy or congested nose as well. Shortness of breath is caused because of that.

According to some experts, this is the most widely spread disease in the world and annually millions of people suffer from influenza and they can even die if not given proper medical attention and care.

Flu is treated by using Antibiotics or even steroids sometimes.

This is basically a respiratory disease and it is quite irritating as well.


  1. Cover your mouth and nose while sneezing.
  2. Use a tissue paper.
  3. Take your medicine on time.
  4. Avoid meeting people or hugging them or shaking hands.
  5. Never take it lightly.
  6. Avoid exposure to cold environments.
  7. Visit the doctor as early as possible.
  8. Don’t be a doctor of your own self.



This group of medicines is given to the patients to be able to give relief to the patient who is suffering from Pain and Fever.


These medicines work as a drying agent and help to dry out the runny nose. They play a very important role to control the main problem of Flu.

Runny nose can literally destroy all of your confidence and hence it is absolutely necessary to be able to stop it.


When someone is suffering from cold and flu, it is very common that the nose would be stuffy and clogged and at that time decongestants can play an important role to give comfort to the patient.