The start of year 2020 took the world by extreme shock. It just acted as an atom bomb attack to the world and it affected everyone on the individual level in a way or the other.

Everything was going like business as usual and everyone was busy in their lives until calamity struck the world.

Yes, such was the grave situation that a disease actually captured the whole world and not just a country or two.

The first case of Corona virus that is also known as Covid-19 was reported in China. However, China did their best to spread the flow of this deadly disease but still it spread throughout the world like live fire and it almost became impossible to stop it.


From there this disease spread out throughout the world and was finally declared a ” Pandemic ” in 2020.


This disease can affect different people differently, based upon the level of immunity that they possess.

Some don’t even know that they have coronavirus because it can be Asymptomatic as well.


This spreads through touching or coming in contact. It can also spread through the particles that come out when someone coughs or sneezes.


This disease has different symptoms like high fever, diarrhea, blocked Nose or Runny nose,loss of taste and smell just to name a few.


All in all, we can say that the only way to stay safe from this deadly disease is to follow the SOPs that have been put under place by WHO and respective governments across the globe and prevention is surely the best cure at the moment as the world is still struggling to find a vaccine for this deadly virus.

Let’s all pledge to follow the SOPs to the best of our abilities and also guide others to follow them to make this world a safe place again.

Don’t forget to wash your hands and stay hydrated.


Preparation of vaccines is not like the preparation of an antibiotic or an anti-inflammatory drug which can actually be made quickly, it is something that takes Years of research and hard work to take place and then also requires a lot of volunteers on whom you have to test that vaccine. Different countries are trying their level best to achieve this utmost need of the world but still there isn’t even a single approved vaccine in the world and hence the only option that is feasible right now is to follow the SOPs given by the World health organization and try to keep your immunity levels up and high.


There has been quite a lot of progress in regards to this disease and some countries like New Zealand and Tibet are now Covid free.

However, this threat will always loom above our head unless or until a vaccine or a proper treatment for this disease is found out.

Till then, don’t forget to keep social distancing and follow the new normal.