Human body is made up of almost 70% of water. This means that fluids are very much important for the growth and sustainability of the human body.

Without even a shadow of doubt, water is the most important fluid that is taken in the body and it works wonders for the different processes that take place in the human body.

But, there is another body fluid that is present in the body and is equally important for the proper functioning of our body and that is Blood.

Blood as we know is a connective tissue that is made up of several different constituents. It’s supply to the different parts of our body is very important.

If somehow, the blood flow to some parts of the body is inhibited then the body can not perform its functions properly and even the sustenance of life becomes an issue.

The blood passes through the different vessels that are present in the human body and these vessels help to transport the blood to different parts of the body properly.

There is a certain amount of pressure that the blood applies on these vessels, when it is passing through them and an ideal pressure is considered to be 120/80 mm/Hg for an adult.

If the blood pressure is very much lower than this ideal pressure, there are going to be a lot of issues that the body faces. Similarly, if the pressure is increased, then the body is also going to face a lot of issues for sure.

If the blood pressure is more than the ideal or normal blood pressure, then it is called Hypertensionas well and it can result in Heart attacks or Heart failure as well which may result in death.

In this article, we will have a look at the different important aspects of Carvedilol and also have a look at the different important precautions that must be taken while using this medicine.

How Does It Work?

Carvedilol belongs to the category of medicines that is known as Alpha and beta blockers. It means that it is surely going to work as a blocker of several substances.

There are several different natural substances in our body that might have a negative impact on the body when they are released and epinephrine is one of those products.

Carvedilol works by blocking the action of certain natural substances in the body and stops its effects on the heart and blood vessels.

Dosage And How Is It Taken?

The mode of inoculation of this medicine as well as the dosage depends upon the doctor.

Hypertension is a severe medical condition and no risk should be taken while treatment of this medicine. This means that you should follow the advice of your doctor under all conditions.

Side Effects

  1. It may cause nausea.
  2. Stomach upset can also be caused.
  3. Severe headaches are also observed.

Precautionary Measures To Take

  1. Always follow the instructions of your doctor regarding the usage and Dosage of Carvedilol.
  2. Do not overdose yourself.
  3. If you are allergic to Carvedilol then you need to tell this to your doctor at first.

Our body is a complex combination of several different organs that work in harmony and help us with the performance of several important functions of the human body.

Human heart is often called the most important organ of our body. There are certain processes that are carried out by this pumping organ and one of the most important processes is the supply of blood to the several parts of our body.

To carry out even the smallest of the processes of the human body, it is absolutely necessary that the blood is supplied to that part of the body. If the blood is not properly supplied to any part of the body then it will surely end up having a lot of complications.

Now, as we know that the heart needs to work continuously 24/7 for 365 days of a year for the sustained working of our body.

This puts immense pressure on the heart and it needs to be in supreme health all the time.

Heart often succumbs to the extreme pressure that it is put under and then conditions like Angina and Heart Attack are experienced by a person.

These conditions can prove deadly for sure but they are not untreatable. There is a medicine named as Cardizem which can work wonders in such conditions and can provide relief to the patient.

In this article, we will have a look at how Cardizem helps to fight against angina and other such heart conditions and what are the different precautionary measures that we need to take as well as the side effects of Cardizem will also be seen.

How Does It Work?

Cardizem helps to increase the flow of the blood. When the blood flow is increased, it automatically releases some of the pressure that the heart is put under. This helps the heart to work even more smoothly.

How Is It Used?

This medicine usually is an oral medicine and it comes in the form of a single coated pill.

It can be taken with or without food depending upon whatever you prefer.

Moreover, it is often advised to take this medicine with a glass of milk.

However, it should always be left to your doctor and you should follow his advice.


The dosage of this medicine depends upon the condition of your health.

The doctor might increase or decrease the dosage according to the condition of your health.

Moreover, the dosage should always be decided by a cardiologist and you should never try to become your own doctor.

Side Effects Of Cardizem

  1. It may cause Lightheadedness.
  2. It may cause dizziness and lack of focus.
  3. Constipation is also one of the major side effects of this medicine.
  4. Increased blood pressure.

Precautionary Measures To Take

  1. Always follow the instructions of your doctor regarding the usage and Dosage of Cardizem.
  2. Always tell your doctor if you have issues of hypertension as well.
  3. Never overdose yourself.

You can either agree or disagree with it if you want to but one thing is for sure that having the ability to have great sex drive and sexual power in bed is surely the top priority of every normal man who wants to enjoy his life. Given the society we live in, it can be really a hard place to live in the world as a man if you lack that sexual power. It helps to build up that image of being a powerful hunk that is the epitome of physical strength. That is actually the dream of every man to be honest.

This is however the description of the ideal world. The world isn’t such a bed of roses for a lot of people out there and they struggle to have even a decent sexual life and it can seriously affect their outlook towards life and they might even be depressed. This is actually a disease and now we will have a look at the most important reasons that can cause it.

This can be because of two following reasons!

  1. Erectile Dysfunction
  2. Lack of sexual drive.

To get rid of these problems, CIALIS can prove to be the perfect solution.

How Does It Work?

Tadalafil is the  heart of CIALIS as it is the active pharmaceutical ingredient also known as (API) of cialis and is thought of to be of great effect in curing a man with erectile dysfunction or lack of sexual drive.

Tadalafil or Cialis helps to increase the flow of blood towards the penis and that results in better sexual power of course.

The principle on which Cialis works is pretty basic and that is to increase the blood flow to the penis and help it to stay hard for longer periods of time so that the person may enjoy sexual pleasure.

How Is It Used And What Is The Dosage

This is an oral medicine and is usually recommended to inoculate into the body by using a glass of milk.

It is also said to use this medicine for like half an hour or hour before having sex.

As this medicine takes around half an hour to start acting so this should be taken some time before having sexual activity.

Moreover, this is a prescription only medicine and shouldn’t be taken on your own.

The dosage of the medicine may depend on your health condition and it’s only your doctor that can guide you properly about that.

Generally, it is recommended to use this medicine once daily or one in two days. However, the dosage solely depends on your health condition.

Side Effects Of CIALIS

There are a number of side effects that can be associated with this medicine and some of them are as under.

  1. It may cause Headache.
  2. Back pain is also one of the side effects.
  3. It may cause muscle pain and cramps as well.
  4. It can even increase the blood pressure.
  5. Stuffy nose or Dizziness may also be seen.

Precautionary Measures To Take

  1. Do not overdose yourself.
  2. Always follow the instructions of your doctor.
  3. Don’t use it for recreational purposes.

Our brain is considered as the central processing unit of our body. It is considered to control the different functions of our body and that takes place by the secretions of different substances.

There are neurons in our body that also play a major role in that. Certain substances such as Dopamine are also very important for the performance of several different functions.

However, as we know that if something is wrong with the brain somehow, then this will surely affect the processes that take place in our body.

Parkinson’s Disease is one of the issues that can be faced due to such issues.

Following are the indications of Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Shaking of body.
  2. Uncontrollable movement of body Parts.
  3. Stiffness in body

These are some of the basic indications of Parkinson’s disease.

There are certain medications available that contain more than one Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and they are known as combination medicines.

To treat these issues related to Parkinson’s disease, the medicine used is a combination drug and that is made up of Carbidopa and Levodopa.

In this article, we will have a look at how things work out with this combination medicine and how it helps to treat the several indications of Parkinson’s disease.

How Does It Work?

As we know that this is a combination drug so both of the active pharmaceutical ingredients work in cohesion.

One thing should be understood that both Carbidopa and Levodopa perform their own different functions.

Function of Levodopa :

Levodopa changes into the hormone of Dopamine into the body and hence that treats the indications of Parkinson’s disease. As we know that Parkinson’s disease is caused by the lack of Dopamine in the bloodstream. Levodopa increases that amount of dopamine.

Function of Carbidopa :

Carbidopa helps to stop the breakdown of Levodopa that in return results in more dopamine added to the bloodstream.

This is how both of these Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients although perform different functions but still they work as a unit and help to treat Parkinson’s disease.

How Is It Used?

This medicine is an oral medicine and can be taken in following ways.

  1. With food.
  2. Without food.

It can also be taken in with water or milk as well.

However, the guidelines of the pharmacist or the doctor should always be followed while taking this medicine.

Side Effects Of This Medicine

There are a number of side effects that are usually associated with this medicine and now we will have a look at a few of them.

  1. It may cause nausea.
  2. It may cause vomiting as well.
  3. Loss of appetite is one major side effect.
  4. The patient may even suffer from Lightheadedness or Lack of sleep as well.

Precautionary Measures To Take

  1. You should be assured that you aren’t allergic to any of the active pharmaceutical ingredients of this medicine.
  2. If you have a health condition like schizophrenia or some kind of heart disease then do let your doctor know about it.
  3. Never overdose yourself.
  4. Always follow the instructions of your doctor.

Our brain is the Central Processing Unit of our body. Just like the CPU is considered to be the powerhouse of the body and is the main hold of the computer, similarly our brain is also the most vital organ of our body.

Our brain is what manages everything. As we know that there are two types of actions that our body performs.

  1. Voluntary Actions.
  2. Involuntary Actions.

No matter whether our body is performing a voluntary action or an involuntary action, it is always somehow controlled by our mind.

Our brain is like a shrewd mastermind that keeps everything under control. This is done by a complex system of nerves throughout the body and the messages are transferred from these nerves via different sources.

This is how even the slightest movement of hands takes place in our body.

Now, we know that our Brain is responsible for all of this and is a complex organ as well. So, when there occurs some kind of an issue within the brain, it is surely going to have a negative impact on the body in one way or the other.

Most of the messages that are transmitted to the brain are through electric signals. When some kind of an issue takes place with the receiving of these messages then our body might react abnormally to that and that condition is called getting a Seizure.

What Happens During A Seizure

The body reacts abnormally to commands and it shivers uncontrollably. There is no control over the body during that time. If this condition persists, it might result into a condition of Epilepsy which might prove to be deadly dangerous.

How Carbamazepine Helps With That?

This is something that is still being researched about but it is supposed to block the stream of Sodium and that is how it helps during the condition of Seizures or Epilepsy.

How Is It Used And What Is The Dosage

This medicine might come in 3 different forms.

  1. It might come in form of pills.
  2. It might be available in the form of a chewable medicine.
  3. It might come in form of suspension.

There are different ways to use these different types of this same medicine and the advice and instructions of doctor should always be kept in mind while using this medicine to get the best results.

The dosage of this Anticonvulsant medicine depends upon the condition of the patient and that might be decided by the doctor after having a detailed look at the different aspects of the patient’s health condition.

One should always follow the dosage that is set for them by their doctor and should not try to become their own doctor.

Side Effects

  1. It may cause nausea.
  2. It may cause dizziness.
  3. It may cause vomiting as well.

Precautionary Measures To Take

  1. Do not use it with Alcohol or Marijuana.
  2. Always follow the instructions of your doctor regarding the usage and dosage of Carbamazepine.
  3. Don’t isolate yourself while on this medication as it may result in suicidal thoughts or depression and anxiety.

Our body is a complex combination of several different systems and it requires a wide variety of minerals albeit in different forms and amounts to carry out different functions properly.

One of such very important minerals that is required by our body is Calcium.

As we know that our bones are directly made up of Calcium and hence a decent amount of calcium is required for their proper health.

The reason behind that is when there is a decrease in the amount of calcium in our body, then the body will start taking calcium out from the bones to fulfill its needs and this will result in weakening and softening of bones.

So, now we know that it is absolutely important for our body to absorb calcium in different forms to carry out the different functions properly.

Apart from maintaining a healthy set of bones, Calcium Carbonate may also help you out with different irregularities in the stomach.

As we know, the stomach is the place where most of the process of digestion takes place. Stomach is responsible for doing the bulk of the work and it is absolutely necessary that the stomach is in good shape and condition.

When there are issues with stomach like as the Acid Reflux or Heartburn or other such issues related to digestion, Calcium Carbonate can surely play a positive role in such conditions and help the patient to recover quickly.

So, now we know that Calcium Carbonate is essential to treat two kinds of issues.

  1. Issues related to our bones.
  2. Issues related to our Stomach.

In this article, we will now further discuss these points and also have a look at how Calcium Carbonate is used and what are the different things that must be kept in mind while using this medicine.

How Is It Used?

This medicine usually comes in three forms.

  1. Single Coated Pill.
  2. Chewable Pill.
  3. Liquid Form/Suspension Form.

If you are using the Single Coated Pill, then all you need to do is to engulf that medicine by using a glass of Water or Milk.

If you have been prescribed a chewable pill, then you need to chew down the medicine properly before you swallow down the medicine.

If it is the liquid form or the suspension form that has been chosen to be the best for you by your doctor then you should always measure the dosage before the intake into your body. This is how you will neither underdose yourself nor overdose.

Dosage :

The dosage of this medicine is decided by the doctor after having a look at your health condition and understanding the requirement of calcium in your body.

Side Effects

It may have the following Side Effects.

  1. It may cause Dizziness.
  2. It may cause Constipation.
  3. It may even cause Gas or Burping.
  4. Increased levels of Calcium in the body.

Precautionary Measures

  1. Always double check before using that you aren’t allergic to Calcium products.
  2. Don’t forget to drink lots of water while on this medication.
  3. If you have some issues with your kidney, then do let your doctor know about it.

Our bones carry out the bulk of our weight and do the hardest job of giving support to our body while putting themselves under pressure.

There are over two hundred bones in our body that come in different forms and sizes and are used to perform several different types of functions.

These bones are made up of calcium and phosphorus and certain nutrients are required to keep the bones healthy and strong to keep performing their functions.

If the nutrients aren’t provided to the body then it might become a challenge for the bones to survive and they might either become too soft or even become too weak to hold on to the pressure exerted on them.

This might leave them vulnerable to fractures and breaking down. This can never be an ideal situation for a human being for sure.

As we know there are different types of vitamins that are required by our body to function properly and one of such Essential Vitamins is Vitamin D.

The greatest source of Vitamin D usually is the Sun and from it most of our requirement of Vitamin D is fulfilled without much of a fuss.

However, sometimes the body needs extra Vitamin D for proper functioning and that is when Calcitriol comes into use.

This medicine is actually a medicated version of Vitamin D and is used by our body to fight against the several different issues that are caused due to lack of Vitamin D in our body.

In this article, we will have a look at the different important factors that are associated with Calcitriol.

How Does It Work?

When Calcitriol is taken into the body, it is then converted into an active form of Vitamin D and is absorbed into the body.

When an active form of Vitamin D is absorbed into our body, it helps to fight against the different kinds of issues that might occur due to lack of Vitamin D such as Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis.

How Is It Used And What Is The Dosage?

Calcitriol usually comes in two forms.

  1. In the form of Pills.
  2. In Liquid Form.

The pills are usually oral and come in the form of hard single coated pieces.

These pills can be taken with food or without food and can be taken into the body by using a glass of water or milk.

If you are using the liquid version of Calcitriol, then you should keep in mind to always have a measuring flask with you so that you take the exact amount as is prescribed and do not overdose or underdose yourself.

The dosage of this medicine usually recommended by the doctors is 1 medicine per day but it might depend on the calcium levels in the body of the patient and the Doctor may vary it.

Precautionary Measures To Follow And Side Effects :

  1. Never Overdose Yourself.
  2. Always look out if you are allergic to Vitamin D.
  3. Sometimes Rashes might take place.
  4. Constipation or Muscle Pain is also seen sometimes.
  5. Don’t forget to increase the intake of water with Calcitriol.

This article is all about medicine that helps reduce chest tightness or shortness of breath.


FORMOTEROL is an oral inhalation medicine. The medicine is used to curb chest stiffness or shortness of breath which is affected due to severe obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

FORMOTEROL is considered in the category of medicines known as long-acting beta-agonists (LABAs). This medicine makes the patient easier to breathe by smoothing and opening air passages of the lungs.

The medicine comes in market in two forms:

  • It comes in the form of a capsule.
  • And it comes in the form of a solution


The dosage for this medicine varies for different patients. Follow your doctor’s directions for proper dosages. Do not stop taking this medicine or change your dose unless your doctor prescribes you to stop taking the medicine.

The amount of the medicine that you are prescribed to take depends on the strength of the medicine and the time duration depends on the condition of the patient for which you are prescribed to use this medicine.


Some common side effects that appear after taking this medicine are as follows.

  • A patient may feel nauseated
  • Dizziness and tiredness are also included in the common symptoms.
  • Some patients also get headaches.
  • Muscle cramps and dry mouth are also common symptoms.

But, in case if any of these symptoms worsen or does not go away call your doctor immediately.


 Some serious side effects that appear in a few cases.

  • In rare cases, swelling in the face, tongue, or lips appears.
  • If there is any difficulty in breathing or difficulty in swallowing, call your doctor without wasting any time.
  • Irregular heartbeats are considered a serious symptoms.
  • Rashes or itching is also an unusual symptom.
  • If chest pain or fainting occurs then a patient must see a doctor as soon as possible.

If the medicine shows any allergic signs or any serious side effects, must visit the health care department immediately.


If you are on any medications tell your doctor before using FORMOTEROL.

Tell your doctor if you have any medical history especially if you had any heart disease in the past or if you have any heart complications in the present situation.

Visit your practitioner regularly to make sure if the medicine is giving the best results. Your doctor may ask you for blood tests to check the effectiveness of the medicine.

Inform your doctor if there is no improvement in the condition of the patient or if the condition of the patient becomes worse after taking this medicine.

This medicine reduces the occurrence of asthma attacks but, in few cases, this medicine increases the number of asthma attacks in few patients. The patient must read the risks given in the prescription and talk to your practitioner about any worries or disturbances that you have after this medicine.

Do not take this medicine unless your doctor prescribes you.

FORMOTEROL may affect your blood sugar levels. So, in case you are diabetic and notice any change in your blood sugar levels or note any change in your urine sugar tests, see your doctor immediately.

Bacterial infections have become very common in every part of the world. Bacterial infections are caused by different reasons but the critical cause of bacterial infections is the increase of pollution in our environment. This article is all about medicine that can help treat bacterial infections


BACTRIM DS is a mixture of antibiotics naming: sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. The medicine is used for the treatment of bacterial infections. It is also utilized for resisting particular kinds of pneumonia.


This medicine is taken by mouth, or as the doctor has prescribed you. Take this medicine with a glass of water. The dosage depends on the condition of the patient.

For the best results, eat this medicine at equal intervals. Use this medicine at the same time to miss dosages.

Do not stop taking this medicine unless the doctor forbids you. Even if the symptoms disappear, take according to the days told by the doctor. Relapse of infection can occur if you stop taking these antibiotics early.


Following are the common side effects of this medicine.

  • A patient may feel a loss of appetite.
  • A nauseated feeling may occur.
  • Slight pain in the tongue or swollen tongue may occur in few patients.
  • A feeling of ringing in the ears of the patient may happen.
  • Tiredness, dizziness, or sleep problems are also common symptoms.


Following are the serious side effects of this medicine.

  • Bleeding or bruising after this medicine is a serious side effect.
  • Mouth sores are also a rare side effect
  • Severe skin rashes, itching, or sore throats appear immediately when visiting health care.

If any of these symptoms appear immediately visit a doctor.


This medicine is taken by mouth. The dosage depends on the age of the patient and consults a doctor for the proper dosage.


Following are the things that you need to inform before taking this medicine.


In case, if you are pregnant or if you have intentions to become pregnant, tell your doctor about this. Because this is unknown if this medicine can harm the baby, your doctor will let you know about the risks of taking this medicine.


If you are planning to breastfeed or if you are already breastfeeding a baby, do tell this to your doctor.


Make sure your doctor knows about your current condition. If you are suffering any health problems, inform your doctor because this medicine can cause certain reactions with other medicines which can lead to life-threatening situations.


If this medicine shows any allergic sign to you, immediately consult the healthcare department.


BACTRIM DS must not be given to children who are less than 2 months of age because it can lead to complicated situations. The medicine does not work for every viral infection so it is important to consult a doctor for the correct use of this medicine.

This article is all about medicine that helps to reverse an opioid overdose.


Opioid overdose can lead to death due to the impacts of the opioid on the brain of the individual.

 An opioid overdose can be recognized by the amalgamation of three signs.

  • Pupils that remain small even in bright light
  • An individual may lose consciousness after taking an opioid overdose
  • A patient may feel austere difficulty in breathing after opioid overdose.


This medicine is involved in a category of drugs known as an opioid antagonist. This medicine is utilized for the half or whole reversal of opioid overdose. This medicine works by obstructing the impacts of the opioid on the brain of the patient. This medicine might not work as well as resist the impacts of particular kinds of opioids.

This medicine is present in markets in generic forms.


There are some common side effects of these medicines.

A patient may feel tired, dizzy, or a sense of weakness after eating this medicine.

Nervousness or restlessness is included in common side effects.

Irritability, body aches can also occur after eating this medicine.

Slight stomach pain and nausea were noticed in few patients after they ate this medicine.

Shortness of breath, chills might happen in a few cases.


The serious side effects of the medicines include the following.

Low or high blood pressure after taking these medications.

Agitation is also a rare symptom noticed in few patients.

Coma or death can also take place if not followed the prescription.


The dosage varies for different patients. Consult your health care department for the right dosage. Do not make changes in the amount of dosage unless the doctor directs you because wrong dosages can lead to complicated health issues.


If a patient has taken an overdose of an opioid or if it is suspected of any overdosing of opioid in any individual, give this medicine as soon as possible. This medicine can resist complicated breathing problems and austere sleepiness that can lead to life-threatening conditions.

The medicine can be only utilized in the nose. A patient must not be given this medicine in the eyes or applied on the skin. If someone has used it in the eyes or applied it on the skin, rinse it as soon as possible.

A patient must be given this medicine by someone else. Consult your doctor for the right use in times of emergency.

After taking the first dose, immediately seek a medical emergency despite the patient becoming conscious and keep the patient under observation.

A Patient must read the prescription carefully and understand it. If anything is not clear to you, ask your doctor about it.


The impacts of naloxone might not last longer than the impacts of opioid medicine. This depicts the shortness of breath, extreme sleepiness can happen again.

 It is requisite to call a doctor after the first dosage given to the patient. After taking the medicine austere opioid withdrawal symptoms can appear. The symptoms may be following fever, runny goose bumps stomach cramps.