Healthy eating can be a challenge in a world where chefs are eager to sell their craft and bakers put their souls to tempt you to try them. The digitally adapting world of food groups aim to sell all of what they have in their plates, targeting people through catchy phrases and mouth-watering food photographs.

Perhaps choosing a healthy eating pattern in such an environment is a task in itself. On the other side, the ongoing debates about what is healthy and what is not boggles one’s mind about making the right food choices.
The only rule of thumb is to take a diet that doesn’t make you starve or promises to make you lose weight in a matter of days. Anyone who makes such claims is a nay.

With that said, we will look for the concept of healthy eating more closely:

What is healthy eating?

Healthy eating is including all the food groups in your diet in correct proportions. A good diet doesn’t omit any food group, or emphasizes on a single  food group. It must consist of carbs, fats, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals under the daily requirements of one’s body.

Over Consuming or under consuming a food group may have temporary effects of weight loss, but these habits can affect the body. Sustainability of a diet is important thus, you should never choose something that becomes burdensome in a short span.

Taking foods such as lean proteins, low sodium, fruits and vegetables for fiber, nuts for healthy fats and whole grains for good carbs is the best approach to a healthy eating routine.

How can you switch to healthy eating habits?

Remember, healthy eating is for your heart and overall health. It may seem to be difficult in the beginning, but when you start seeing the results, you will never go back to those calorie-laden foods you loved to eat.
The transition to healthy eating should not be a hurried one. Pick up food groups one by one and keep alternating the unhealthy alternatives with healthy ones.

If you’re someone who loves to munch on crisps, make a conscious effort not to buy them on your next grocery store visit.

Go to the greens section instead, and pick a bag of cucumber. Sounds boring right? Trust me, you will get habitual of it eventually.

Love to eat white bread in the mornings? Try whole grain bread. There’s not much of a difference.
Are you someone who prefers eating out just to cut the hassle of cooking? Hang in there. You’re spending much more on ruining your health than what you should be spending on a healthy home-cooked meal. The choice is only yours to make.

Slowly make the transition to lean proteins instead of the much loved processed meat items you have been freezing in the past life. Yeah, this one is going to be a new you so consider the older one as your past life. While doing all these small efforts, remember to hydrate yourself well.
It has bonus points.