What is a seizure? Is it a mild ailment or some horrible disease that can cause even death?

Well death from seizure or epilepsy is rare and the disease more common in young and old age. A seizure or epilepsy is an electrical sudden disturbance in the brain.

Seizures have many symptoms such as unusual change in behavior, temporary confusion, loss of consciousness and emotional symptoms like fear, depression and anxiety etc.

Doctors usually classify seizure in different forms and recommend a variety of treatments as well. There is also a wide range of medicines that are available online.

Here in this particular article, we are going to throw light on different aspects of Clonazepam, an antiepileptic is used to treat seizures or panic attacks. It is one of the best designed drugs against uncontrollable seizures.

Let’s here list out different aspects of Clonazepam that are under discussion:


  • What is Clonazepam?
  • How does Clonazepam work?
  • How to take Clonazepam or dosage
  • Side effects
  • Precautionary measures

What is Clonazepam?

Clonazepam is used to cure or prevent seizures. The medication may also be termed as an anticonvulsant drug and classed under the family of a drug named benzodiazepines.

How does Clonazepam work?

Clonazepam functions directly in the brain or central nervous system. It works on nerves by calming them down to control seizure or panic attack.

Clonazepam may not work when used for a long term. You better go to your doctor and tell him if the drug isn’t working for you.

How to take Clonazepam?

Your healthcare provider may prescribe you the dose after your medical condition as dosage usually depends on one’s condition and response to the treatment.

  • Take twice or thrice a day.
  • Follow doctor’s instructions strictly.
  • Read prescription books carefully.
  • For children, the dose depends on weight.
  • Start taking the lower dose first and then increase the dose slowly if the lower dose doesn’t work for you.
  • Don’t take longer than prescribed.
  • Take it at the same time each day.
  • Don’t stop or start the medication without consulting your doctor.

Side effects:

Clonazepam is risk free when used according to given directions. But it may prove risky sometimes and leave negative side effects on one’s health.

Common side effects of Clonazepam may include:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Difficulty waking up
  • Breathing troubles
  • Increased saliva production
  • Long term use may be habit forming.
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of coordination
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Confusion
  • Memory problems

Precautionary measures:

  1. Take exactly as prescribed by your physician.
  2. The drug may make you sleepy, so avoid driving after taking this medicine.
  3. Tell your doctor if you are allergic to it as it may contain inactive ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.
  4. After taking the drug don’t come in contact with heavy or such machinery which needs proper attention and focus.
  5. Don’t share with others.
  6. Never be your own doctor and contact your doctor immediately if any side effect appears.
  7. Pregnant women or patients with severe diseases should consult a doctor before taking it.
  8. Keep out of the reach of children.