A joint in our body is a place where the two bones meet. The joint can be of different types as well and different kinds of joints perform several different functions.

One of the basic functions of joints is the proper and smooth movement. If there is some issue with the joints then the movements of the body are altered in a negative way and it can also cause a lot of discomfort as well.

Usually the flares in the joints occur due to High amount of uric acid in the blood and the person suffers a lot because of this.

These flares in the joints are a kind of arthritis and they can surely make your life a living hell if not taken care of properly.

If a person has a high amount of uric acid in the blood due to several reasons then it is almost inevitable that he will develop flares in his joints and suffer from it.

To get rid of the pain and to feel a bit better, you need to use Colchicine as it will help you to fight against these flares in your joints.

In this article, we will have a look at the different important aspects of this medicine and also have a look at the different side effects that can be caused by this medicine.

How Does It Work?

As we know that due to the large amount of uric acid in the body, there are kinds of crystals that are formed in the joints and it becomes a very hard task to deal with.

It basically performs two functions.

  1. Reduces the swelling of the joints.
  • Reduces the build up of crystals in the joints.

So, this is why it is very important to use this medicine if you are suffering from Flares in your joints or if you have swelling in your joints as well.

You should consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this medicine.

How Is It Used?

To use this medicine properly, always ask your pharmacist before you take this medicine.

Also follow the advice and instructions of your doctor regarding its usage.

This medicine can be taken with as well as without food. You can use this medicine by using water as well milk.


The dosage of any medicine depends upon the current medical condition of the patient. It should always be decided by your doctor and you should never use this medicine on your own.

One should never try to become a doctor themselves and must follow the instructions of a registered medical practitioner.

Side Effects

There are a number of side effects that can be associated with this medicine.

  1. It can cause Lightheadedness.
  2. It can even cause Dizziness as well.
  3. Sometimes it may even cause nausea as well.

If these side effects continue to show up then you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Precautionary Measures To Take

  1. Never overdose yourself.
  2. Always follow the instructions of your doctor regarding the usage and Dosage of Colchicine.