Memory loss is a serious health disorder that may get worse if not cured or treated on time. It can be for a short or long time and may remain forever or get severe when one gets old.

People usually don’t know different memory loss problems which have various different causes and treatments as well. Need of the hour is to be aware of the root cause of disease and get proper treatment if one has the disease (memory loss).

Before moving on let us first here list out basic aspects about memory loss that we have to discuss in this article. This particular article will give you an insight into the term memory loss or amnesia for sure.



What is memory loss?

Memory loss or forgetfulness is an inability to recall or memorize recent incidents or memories of the past or both. Memory loss is also called amnesia in medical settings.

Memory loss may be transitory or for long term and if not diagnosed can get worse over time.

Types of amnesia:

There are various types of memory loss but here we will throw light on most occurring forms only. Common forms of amnesia are mentioned below:

  1. Retrograde amnesia
  2. Anterograde amnesia
  3. Infantile amnesia
  4. Transient amnesia

A person suffering from retrograde amnesia faces an inability to recall events or incidents which occurred/happened before the development of the form or before onset. Though the patient may be able to memorize new things which occur after amnesia.

Anterograde amnesia can leave adverse effects on your daily life routine and activities. It is a form where the patient or the victim is not able to gain or retain new information or the new things remain in memory only for short-term and disappear afterwards. This is the most common type of amnesia and most probably is the result of brain trauma or damaged brain.

Infantile amnesia is the condition where one is not able to recall childhood memories and events especially events which occurred before age 3-4 or sometimes under 10.

Transient amnesia or transient global amnesia is the severest form of memory loss. It is the sudden memory loss in which recent or past events of one’s memory are simply vanished. One can’t even memorize who he is or where he belongs.


There are a number of causes that can cause amnesia or memory loss. Prominent causes are listed below:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Excess of alcohol
  • Vitamin B-12 deficiency
  • Brain disorder
  • Minor head injuries or trauma
  • Long term medications or treatments
  • Emotional disorders
  • Hypothyroidism


Loss of memory isn’t a mild ailment that you can easily ignore, in fact it can lead you towards dementia that can result in changing your personality and many more.

Amnesia’s symptoms include:

  • Trouble in memorizing random things
  • Loss of memory that disturbs daily life activities.
  • Confusion with time or space
  • Trouble in visualizing images


Certain medications may prove fruitful in case of mild or short memory loss. In some serious cases surgery remains only an option especially to treat blood clots or bleeding in the brain. Well your health care provider is the best person to help you in dealing with the issue and recommending you the best and fruitful treatment.