Sleep is one of the biggest gifts of nature to human beings to keep them healthy and active for the activities that they need to perform throughout the day.

Sleep also acts as a source of Escapism and it helps the human beings to run away from their problems and hectic routine and doze off in the arms of peace.

All in all, we can say that without sleep or if someone is having some issues with their sleep pattern, then their life surely becomes a mess and it is absolutely necessary to have knowledge about the different issues regarding sleep.

These can be regarded as Sleep Disorders.

Causes of sleep disorders

There can be numerous reasons that cause sleep disorders. They can either be intrinsic or extrinsic as well.

Some of them are under.

  1. Anxiety
  2. Stress
  3. Hectic routine
  4. Over thinking
  5. Jetlag
  6. Tired mind and body
  7. Depression
  8. Weight Gain
  9. Mental health
  10. Environment

These are some of the reasons for sleeping disorders.

However, there are different kinds of disorders and now we will try to have a look at them.


It is one of the most common sleeping disorders and a lot of people are suffering from it.

In this sleeping disorder, the person is simply not able to sleep. Whether it is day time or night time, the person has real hard time trying to sleep and hence it can have a lot of negative impacts on his body and general health.

Sleep Apnea

It is a sleeping disorder in which a person who is apparently a fit person and does not even have a history of Respiratory issues but that person struggles with shortness of breath while sleeping.

The oxygen supply is not enough and the person can get up from sleep due to lack of oxygen supply to the body.

This is a very dangerous kind of sleeping disorder and a lot of people even die because of this disorder if they do not get first hand medical attention.


Do you know someone in your friends or family circle who walks even after sleeping or keeps on murmuring strange things while sleeping?

Well, this might sound funny but such people are actually suffering from a sleeping disorder known as Parasomnias and it is very dangerous as well for the person as they do not have any control of what they are doing at that time.

How to get rid of these disorders?

First of all the patient needs to seek medical attention and start using pills if the doctor prescribes them.

However, some other precautions can also be taken to avoid such disorders and live a peaceful life.

  1. Doing Exercise.
  2. Developing a healthy hobby.
  3. Relaxing your mind and body before sleeping.
  4. Not thinking too much.
  5. Not putting unnecessary stress on your mind.

A person should get At Least 6-8 hours of sleep daily for proper functioning and hence everyone should target these many hours of sleep daily to have a healthy lifestyle in general.