Sports injuries are injuries caused to bones or the connective tissues during a sports activity or exercise. The people who are usually active and sporty have more chances of having a sports injury. Other than them, children are at more risk of getting a sports injury due to their consistent active nature.
In this article we will answer the following m, .questions about sports injuries:

  • What are the types of sports injuries?
  • What are the causes of sports injuries?
  • What are the treatment options for sports injuries?
  • How to prevent sports injuries?
  1. What are the types of sports injuries?

Sports injuries are broadly categorized in three types:

  • Acute injuries- These injuries last no more than five days and occur as a result of a trauma to a bone or a muscle.
  • Chronic injuries- These injuries last for about three months.
  • Overuse injuries- These injuries are not as obvious as the other two types. They do not occur as a result of a single traumatic event, but a recurrent overuse of a muscle or a bone. This category overlaps with the chronic sports injuries because most of the overuse injuries last more than three months.

Acute sports injuries include:

  • Muscle sprain and strain-The injuries that are caused to the muscles and bones.
  • Rotator cuff tears- This injury occurs to the shoulder muscles known as rotator muscles and is characterized by dull pain in the shoulders on moving them.
  • ACL and MCL tears- ACL and MCL are two different knee ligaments that can be injured in case of an external pressure.

Chronic Sports Injuries:

  • Achilles tendinitis- An injury of the achilles tendon that is located behind the ankle.
  • Stress fractures- It is a chronic condition where the small bones of a limb get small fractures due to overuse.
  • Tennis elbow- It is also an overuse injury in which the elbow becomes hard to move with pain around the muscles.
  1. What are the causes of sports injuries?

The most common causes of sports injuries are over usage. Other than that, using more power on a muscle than it can withstand can cause a tear. Along with that, stepping on an uneven surface can twist a muscle or sometimes falling down can also cause injuries such as fractures.

  1. What are the treatment options for sports injuries?

The most popular treatment option for curing sports injuries is known as PRICE. It stands for Protection against recurrence of an injury, Resting the injured muscle, Ice packs to be used on the strained muscle, Compression with elastic bandages and Elevation of the muscles above the heart level using a support.

Other treatment options include direct corticosteroid injections or NSAIDs to relieve pain. Along with these options, physiotherapy is also a treatment alternative for severe injuries that completely immobilise a patient.

  1. How to prevent sports injuries?

To prevent a sports injury from happening, wearing sports gear such as knee protection, helmets and sports gloves is important. Accompanied with that, proper warmup and cool down prevent sports injuries.