We all remember who was the first man who stepped on to the moon right? It was Neil Armstrong. But, how many of us actually remember who the second guy with him was? Not many from us would know that. This is the importance of being number one in the world and this is the race that everyone is running these days. Everyone wants to be nothing but the best and that is obviously putting a lot of pressure on everyone and also having a negative impact on mental health and literally destroying sleep cycles all around the world.

It is said that to be the best, “You need to work when others are sleeping”.

This means that to be the best at what you do, you need to go that extra mile every day. You need to push your body to its limits and even if it is done slowly but surely it is going to have a major negative impact on your health in general and sleep in specific.

One of the best and most popular tablets doctors often prescribe to patients who are suffering from insomnia is Ativan.

Let us examine this in detail:

• Name

The actual formula of this magical drug is Lorazepam.

• Uses

  • It helps to reduce anxiety levels and also decreases strain in your CNS.
  • It can also be used as a drug that helps with seizures.

• Properties

Ativan is very useful for patients that are affected by General Anxiety Disorder GAD.

Some indications of GAD are as under.

  1. Insomnia
  2. Stress
  3. Anxiety
  4. Nausea
  5. Hallucinations

Ativan can help in these indications and hence it is one of the most prescribed drugs all over the world.


  1. Never use this drug without the prescription of your doctor or for recreational purposes.
  2. Never increase the Dosage just because you are feeling restless.
  3. This medicine can be highly addictive and hence must be used with utmost care.
  4. They can also have withdrawal effects and hence this drug must be left only when the doctor asks you to do so.

Chemical formation:

It belongs to the narcotic division of drugs and hence we can say that it simply soothes us down and helps to maintain a calm personality.

However, one should never become one’s own doctor and always use it as is prescribed by your doctor.

• Dose/Medication

Ativan can be injected into the bloodstream as well and can be taken orally as well in tablet form.

It is highly effective in both forms of administrations. However, no matter how you take this medicine, just keep one thing in mind and that is to never use it without the prescription of your doctor.

Not for non-adults and pregnant women

The impact of 1 consumable begins generally after 2 hours that is why they’re lively pills and are most effective  available on the pharmacy with a prescription from a doctor. Such medicines can be harmful for pregnant women, kids and elderly people so avoid using them if you come into such a category.