In the age of technological advancement, with a cell phone in hands, and the eyes on the screen, workout looks like a far-fetched idea to most of us. After all, who doesn’t like to snuggle in a blanket with their favorite show running on the TV in the front?
Well, every one of us likes to pick up this routine, but this routine has got some serious health repercussions. It can cause problems such as weight gain, and diseases related to weight gain.

It is ok to adopt this routine for an hour or two, but remember that an active body works better in most of the circumstances, so include a workout routine in the 24 hours cycle as well. If not daily, thrice a week is also acceptable to keep those limbs working and moving.

In this article, we will highlight the importance and benefits of incorporating workout in your daily life. So, here we go:

  1. Having a toned, muscular body:

The first and the foremost benefit of incorporating workout in your routine is having a lean, muscular body. It helps reduce the excessive fat that has accumulated over years. Proper exercises can help improve the muscle tone of the body, and can improve the overall balance and strength one has.

  1. Exercise helps in sound sleep:

Working out helps in getting peaceful sleep. Studies show that people who are inactive or not into physical activities, struggle more to get proper sleep. There is no clinical evidence for the relationship between sleep and exercise, but a possible explanation is the calming effect working out creates in the body that leads to better sleep.

  1. Better oxygen supply to the tissues:

Exercise regimes such as aerobics and cardio increase the oxygen availability to the body cells. This in turn, helps the heart work better and more efficiently. Working out can prevent people from getting cardiovascular diseases by burning the fats in the body.

  1. Exercise helps reduce depression:

Exercise triggers the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine in the body. Serotonin is associated with one’s ability to control mood. The release of this neurotransmitter as a result of exercise can help reduce mood swings in a person.
Dopamine is another neurotransmitter that affects the motivation of a person. Working out helps release this brain chemical, bringing a positive change in the motivation level of the person.

  1. Exercise increases brain health:

As mentioned earlier, working out provides better oxygen level to the body that increases the blood flow. The improved blood circulation can help the brain cells to grow. It also positively impacts the memory.

  1. Positive body image helps people grow socially:

Working out comes with a better body that eventually leads an overall better self-image. This changes the energy one has, and can help a person to bond better with people. The positive body image also helps in improving the sex life of individuals which can otherwise be not-so-good due to feeling of lethargy and having low energy levels.

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