Nail care includes the hygiene and maintenance practices adopted for fingernails and toenails protection. It is not only a cosmetic requirement to take care of the nails, but it also has health benefits attached to it.
Poor nail maintenance can lead to fungal infections of the nails. It can cause painful ingrown, broken nails that don’t look appealing.

In this article, we will cover the following nail care topics:

  • What are the best nail care practices?
  • Problems related to nail health
  • How can we make our nails stronger?
  • Cosmetic options for nail beautification.
  1. What are the best nail care practices?

Nail care requires close attention to the changes that occur with the nails over time. If your otherwise healthy, smooth nails start getting ridged or tear too much, you may have an underlying reason for it. The basic nail care routine should include:

  • Trimming of the nails with manicure scissors or clippers before your growing nails start accumulating dirt under them.
  • Moisturizing the nails whenever you moisturize your hands.
  • Keeping your nails dry by not unnecessarily washing your hands.
  • In case frequent washing of hands is a necessity, use a nail coat that protects the nails surface.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals to remove nail paint residuals?
  1. Problems related to nail health:

Smooth, evenly colored nails without any kind of spots are a sign that the nail care routine is appropriate. However, sometimes only nail care routines don’t work. There are medical problems that cause problems such as:

  • Brittle nails- Brittle nails that easily break are usually caused by iron deficiency or hypothyroidism.
  • Soft nails- Nails that can be broken only by a slight pressure show that the nails are over exposed to water and harsh chemicals. Mostly women show this problem due to their dishwashing or laundry routines. The cure is to wear gloves while doing any activity that involves water.
  • Yellow nails- Yellow nails are usually a sign of an infection of the nails or a reaction caused by any product on the nails such as nail paint remover.
  • White spots on the nails-Usually observed in children, this problem is an indicator of zinc deficiency in the body.
  1. How can we make our nails stronger?

Nail health depends on factors such as:

  • Protection against water- Too much exposure to water can lead to the nails getting weak. Preventing your nails from water will make them strong.
  • Less use of chemicals- Chemicals such as nail paints and nail paint remover can weaken your nails. If you want your nails to grow strong, avoid such chemicals.
  • Trimming and filing gently- Harsh trimming of nails not only causes pains but it also weakens the nails, so if you want strong nails keep the trimming and filing process gentle.
  • Keep them short and clean- Short nails are stronger because they usually don’t get into contact with objects that can damage nails, so if you want your nails to be strong, keep them short and dirt free.
  1. Cosmetic options for nail beautification.

Manicures and pedicures are extensive nail care procedures that are counted as cosmetic procedures. They have many popular varieties available in salons and nail spas in the world, but they should not be treated as the only nail care regime.