Headache is characterized by the pain in any part of the head. It can be in a specific part or radiate across the head. A headache may be as a dull or a sharp throbbing. Sometimes the muscles or nerves tighten which can cause sudden headache and fuss.


Headache may occur at any age .It is more common in teen agers and is complicated with migraine which triggers in late 30s.


Some of the most commonly found symptoms are as under:

  1. Dull pain in head region is the primary or initial symptom of headache which may be indicated by piercing pain.

  2. It is accompanied by stressed shoulders, forehead and nerve muscles.

3. It may include a sensation of tenderness on the scalp, shoulders and back.


         Headache has two common types:

1. Tension headache.

2. Cluster headache.

         Migraine includes severe tension headaches and is lessened as the days pass.


The causes of headache include stress, hormonal deformities or variations, rigorous exercise, lack of enough sleep or increased sleeping routine, dehydration, smoking and consumption of alcohol. It may also include lacking proper meals and extra sight works. High blood pressure can also lead to a sort of headache. Anxiety is one of the major causes which hit the pain.


High sugar containing food can cause headache. Fasting and low blood sugar level can also lead to mild headache.


Headache can be avoided by regular and careful exercise, having proper meals at proper times, ensuring enough sleep and intake of plenty of water. One should avoid persistent focus and exposure to bright lights. These precautions are all weather useful. However proper medication is the most recommended thing.


  1. Getting some rest can help with headaches.
  2. The use of anti- inflammatory drugs can alleviate the pain.
  • Pain killers like Panadol and Aspirin can help someone to cope with a headache.
  • Massage can distress and relieve the pain.
  • Hydration can also lessen the headache.

If none of the treatments work, one should seek doctor’s advice and follow his instructions for further tests or treatments.